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Frederik Van Hecke

Operations Manager at Instruxion

"  I can recommend Sébastien as a person with great education and deep experience of animation, video and web solutions. Sébastien is a reliable, strong, wise and driven colleague always ready to put his energy and stamina to get the job done. He is a responsible co-worker with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. For Sébastien the job is always the most important thing to do.  "

Peter Van Gorp

Content Manager at Instruxion

"  I've had the pleasure to work with Sébastien for quite some years. As a multi-talented developer of animations, video and all sorts of (interactive) applications, he always succeeds in finding and proposing the right solution for clients and colleagues. At the same time, Sébastien works very fast and thoroughly, in order to meet short deadlines, without compromising.  "

Peter Elen

Business Development Manager at Instruxion

"  I have the pleasure working with Sebastien on different multimedia projects where his artistic and technical skills were crucial. Common sense, very high logical thinking and good understanding of people’s needs are important qualities he really masters. Great colleague :-)  "